Natural experience and creating identity
The design of outdoor space is an interplay of diverse components in which plant choice
plays a determining role. We aims to cultivate trees and plants with a unique character in terms of
shape, colour and application. This allows you to create atmosphere, contribute to biodiversity
and provide identity to the home, working and living environment.

Ornamental trees with character
Lets cultivate trees and plants from a design perspective, fed by a rich history within garden and
landscape architecture. The starting point here is still attention to innovation in colour, texture and
applications. Alongside the individual growing character and natural identity of trees and other plants.

For one this may be whimsicality. For another, it may be the transparent canopy or the colour of the
bark or leaves. This approach creates characteristic trees that contribute to atmosphere, human scale,
green experience, biodiversity and harmony in the built environment thanks to their rich diversity of form.

Multi-stem trees
Multi-stem trees are used increasingly often in green projects in outdoor spaces and offer a beautiful
contrast in urban environments with their organic forms. They create a unique atmosphere and natural
experience through their characteristic appearance and the large diversity of forms.

Experts with a vision
Dutch landscape architects, dendrologists, managers and urban planners can give their vision on design
and landscaping of outdoor spaces. Innovative ideas, thoughts about quality of designs and passionate
please for a new way of thinking. You ask, we arrange!

Roofs and containers

Planting on roofs and in containers is becoming increasingly popular. In the urban environment, this is a
valuable addition to greenery, with roof and container planting improving the environment. Choice of
species, management and maintenance measures are important factors in the creation of roof
gardens and trees in containers.

Designing streets and avenues
The design of a street or avenue often needs to meet a long list of conditions in terms of user-friendliness
and aesthetics. The above and below-ground pressure on streets and avenues is increasing and all the
different functions need to be integrated well. This is no mean feat. The conditions also leave little room
for originality, so many streets have the same layout.

You want to be inspired? Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your questions!

We think green!


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