From origin we started with our production of ornamental trees in Ukraine for the local market
and export. Soon we found out that you as client wants a full service in bringing the good quality
of Dutch green products.

For this reason we started not only to bring our own trees but also other products as Conifers,
life fences, bushes and we even got the requests for flowers like Rhododendron and roses as
well flower bulbs.

APlant Ukraine has as Wholesale company all logistic questions in control and is your full supplier
of all Dutch green ornamental products. Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your questions!

We think green!


81300, Львівська область  -  м. Мостицька  -  вул. Галицька, 4B

APlant Ukraine  -  Galytska str. 4B  -  81300 Lviv Region  -  Mostyska District – Mostyska



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