Allow us to introduce our Nursery of ornamental trees and wholesale company at Mostyska in Lviv Region.

Our origin is Dutch and we also have our production of ornamental trees at the Opheusden region in the
Netherlands as well we corporate with other Dutch suppliers. As member of the Royal ANTHOS we guarantee
you the highest quality in the full range of Dutch green products for the Ukraine market.

The Netherlands has a world famous reputation in producing of high quality trees, plants and flowers and now
we also have our production in Ukraine of ornamental
trees that have been replanted at least two, three or four

times, in the sizes from 6/8 till 50/60 centimeters and more for the local market as well for Europe. Beside this standard
production we will bring more and more nice specialties.

Our trees in Mostyska all grow in the typical famous Ukraine high quality of soil and we treat the trees only with
supplements on organic base. The trees in the Netherland mainly grow in fertile fluvial clay and several types of
soil, which are available at our nurseries. Some tree species are also grown in sandy soil to provide the best
growing conditions for those species and the circumstances of their future life.

As wholesale company we fully supply all Dutch green products to growers, trading companies, parks,
horticulturalists and garden centers but also via tenders and various other businesses in Ukraine and Europe.

Do you have other special wishes or questions, never hesitate to contact us, also for your special requests!

We think green!


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